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  1. 2019 Thesis Finalist:Evelyn Voelter - It's Time To Draw The Line- Why The Supreme Court Should Address Political Gerrymandering

    The Supreme Court should set a standard for finding partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. The Court must abide by their past rulings on racial gerrymandering cases and fulfill their responsibility to protect the rights of American citizens. In considering standards for determining gerrymandering metrics, the Court has the support of the mathematical community to use technological techniques in approaching definitive rulings.

  2. 2019 Thesis Finalist:Hunter Walker - Bringin' SeXY Back- Why Gender Should Be Grounded In Biology

    Gender must be understood with a biological foundation rather than purely a social construct since that very biology is responsible for distinct behavior and tendencies among men and women. Moreover, since most people are born into a binary sex, gender needs to reflect the truth of this reality rather than socially constructed ideas to match people’s hopes. Only basing gender on a social construct blurs the lines between genders, risking the loss of gender altogether.

  3. 2019 Thesis Finalist: Raleigh Dewan - Naturally Possessed- Addressing The Impact Of Naturalism On Christian Spiritual Beliefs

    The correct interpretation of Scripture demonstrates that angels and demons causally interact with the natural world. Modern Christians often falls off the right path in one of two ways: under the influence of secular naturalism, where any supernaturalism is completely ignored or under the influence of traditional mysticism, where every natural phenomenon is explained by appeals to supernatural activity. It is crucial to have correct belief about angels and demons as they lead to implications regarding prayer life and comprehending the problem of evil in an increasingly secular world.